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Though students are permitted to carry their cell phones during the school day, use of cell phones is prohibited during school hours. All cell phones must be turned off and removed from visibility before the tardy bell rings each day and BEFORE entering their classroom at the beginning of the school day. Cell phones must remain off for the remainder of the school day and can be turned on once a student leaves the classroom after 3:00. Use of cell phones during the school day for any reason, without permission, will result in the cell phone being confiscated. Repeated behavior will result in the student receiving school consequences. Teachers may allow students to use electronic devices in the classroom for academic reasons. Students may not use their phones in the library. If a student is in the Administration Office or the Student Services building, they may not use their cell phone. Administration will contact parents if necessary and/or the student can request to use the phone in the office to contact their parent.


If a cell phone rings or vibrates during a class period, between classes, or during lunch, it will be confiscated. Forgetting to turn the cell phone off is not an acceptable excuse. If a student is going to bring a cell phone to school they are expected to be responsible for turning it off at the beginning of the school day. Students are not allowed to take photos or video. If students choose to do so, they will receive an electronic device violation and their phone will be confiscated. Once a cell phone is confiscated by a school employee, a parent or guardian must come to the school to pick the phone up after the first offense. Finally, by bringing a cell phone or other electronic device to Katherine Albiani Middle School, the student is assuming responsibility for that device. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen cell phone or electronic device.



iPods, iPads, CD players, radios, PSP, GameBoy, and/or DS devices and games must be turned off removed from visibility before the tardy bell rings each day and BEFORE entering their classroom at the beginning of the school day. These items are not permitted for use during school hours (including lunch). Students and their families accept full responsibility for the loss or theft of these devices when they are brought to school. If an iPod or any other electronic device is being used during school hours (including lunch), a parent or guardian must come to the school to pick the device up after the first offense. Students may not use their phones in the library. We encourage students to leave all electronic devices at home as these items are often lost or stolen at school. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen electronic devices.

Quick Guidelines on Student Dress Code

Dress and Grooming Guidelines


KAMS Families and Students,

Here are some key highlights from the EGUSD dress code policy. Dress code will be enforced, so please dress appropriately for school. For more specific information regarding the dress code, see page 24.


Some key highlights from the dress code are:

  • Hats must face forward
  • No undergarments showing
  • Skirts/shorts cannot be shorter than mid-thigh (when standing)
  • No Sagging pants
  • No muscle shirts (sleeveless shirts) for boys
  • No halter tops, strapless tops, off the shoulder tops, or bra-like tops
  • Students can wear flip flops

KAMS Falcon Bulletin


Monday, September 22, 2014

Spirit Week at KAMS


Monday- Wacky Tacky Day (Dress Crazy, do your hair crazy and mix match clothes)

Tuesday- Dress to Impress Day (Dress nice… Presentation attire or going to a special occasion)

Wednesday- Groovy Day (Tie Dye, peace, love, etc…

  • Also, celebrate your freedom and right to read)

Thursday- Western Day (Cowboy/ Cowgirl attire- Yeehaw!)

Friday- Resort Day- Wear your Hawaiian Attire (To count for spirit points you must have more than a Hawaiian lei around neck)


Today in History...


September 22-

On this day in, 1969, Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants becomes the first baseball player since Babe Ruth to hit 600 home runs.



Also,  it's Banned Book Week.”  Banned Book Week is a national annual awareness campaign that celebrates your freedom to read and draws attention to banned and challenged books. Banned Book Week highlights the value of free and open access of books to all.  Celebrate your freedom to read and checkout a banned book today in our Library! 



Today at KAMS...


Attention Students:
Last year’s lunch application will expire on the 27th of this month. You must submit a new application to continue to receive free meals. If you were given an application last week please return it by the end of the week. It takes 7 to 10 days to process them, so please get them in as soon as possible. Remember anyone who doesn’t have a new a new application on file by the 27th will have to bring their lunch or bring money. Check with Patty in the cafeteria if you need an application!

Student Store will be open every day this week after school.  Stop by and get your snacks after school.  Also, you can purchase snacks and supplies during your lunch. 



This Week at KAMS...

1st dance of the year is Friday!!! It is called KAMS End of Summer Beach BASH!!! Dance tickets are on sale now in student store at lunch.  Prices are $5 without ASB and free with ASB..  Don't delay, dance tickets will go up the day of the dance to $7 and no tickets will be sold after school the day of the dance.  If you have an ASB sticker you still need to bring your id card to students store and get your free ticket.  You will not be able to purchase a dance ticket without an id card and at the dance you must present your id card with your ticket to get into the dance. 

Backpack check in for Friday's Dance: Here are where students will get their wristbands to participate and check in their backpacks. It’s by 1st letter of last name.

A-D      Room MF- 11         (Mr. Morris)

E-H      Room MF- 9           (Mr. Rubes)

I-L        Room MF-7            (Mr. Haight)

M-P      Room MC- 11        (Mrs. Seto)

Q-S      Room MC- 6          (Mr. Seto)

T- Z      Room MD- 27        (Mrs. Campbell)


On Groovy Day- Wednesday- Bring your hip lunch, a psychedelic blanket, and your favorite mind-blowing book as we join together in a harmonious read-in! It’ll be a kaleidoscope of rockin’ readers! Peace.

When? during both lunches... Where? In the quad. Look for the VIP section.


Student of the Month Lunch sponsored by Chick fil a is this Wednesday during both lunches.  Invites go out Tuesday during 1st period.


On Tuesday or Wednesday during 3rd period, 8th graders will receive your SOAR reward sheets from your 3rd period teacher.  Pick up your dog tag and SOAR sticker in the quad on Wednesday or Thursday.  You can't use the reward coupons without the sticker!



Athletics on Campus...


Volleyball season starts this week.  Go Lady Falcons!!!



Monday, Sept. 22nd


This week at the library we are celebrating your freedom to read by promoting “Banned Book Week.”  Come to the library and checkout a Banned Book!


Have you participated in Part 2 of this month’s library challenge?  Test your library skills and earn library tickets to trade for KAMS cash or free books!


Wednesday, Sept. 24th


Did you know that the Hunger Games is a Banned Book in some libraries?  Come celebrate your freedom to read and checkout a Banned Book at the library!


Have you participated in Part 2 of this month’s library challenge?  Test your library skills and earn library tickets to trade for KAMS cash or free books!



Yearbook news


Purchase in student store or online.



PGHS Homecoming Parade next Friday!


Major Upcoming Events


9/24        Student of the Month

9/25        PBIS Meeting

               Volleyball at Smedberg

9/26        1st Dance – 3:00-5:00 PM


Be Safe… Be Respectful…  Be Responsible…

BE THE CHANGE! Tag You're it!


Important Information


Take Your Parents & Guardians to School Day.
KAMS would like to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to participate in our annual "Take your Parent & Guardian to School Day." We only offer this unique day once during the school year. This year our special day will be held on T... Continue
Posted by: Elizabeth Diaz
Published: 9/22/14

KAMS Celebrates our Freedom to Read!
It’s Banned Books week starting on Monday!  Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating our freedom to read.  This national event brings attention to the harms of censorship, but here at KAMS we want to emphasize the big messa... Continue
Posted by: Donna Mc Neel
Published: 9/21/14

Twitter Message Contest!
Attention Albiani Students:

This year, the popular Attendance Campaign Poster Contest has changed to a Twitter Message Contest for secondary schools.  This contest invites secondary students to create personal tweets about what they enjoy ... Continue
Posted by: Kris Sall
Published: 9/19/14


How to report an absence


You can call 916-686-5210 to report your student’s absence.

Julie Underwood (Junderwo@egusd.net) can take calls regarding 7th grade students

Christina Ascencio (Cascencio@egusd.net) works with 8th grade students

If you send a note or email, please remember to include: student name, date of absence, reason for absence, student ID number (if you have it), and who is reporting the absence. We will not accept emails to clear a student absence from a student's School Loop account. School Loop emails must come from a parent account.